Star Mountain Resources, Inc. (SMRS) Investor Relations Kit - page 9

The Chopar project covers approximately 2000-hectares in the Star Mining
district of southern Utah, near the town of Milford. These holdings com-
prise 116 unpatented mining claims, fee-simple, patented mining claims
and mineral leases on State of Utah lands. The Star Mining District is
located in the Star Range of southwestern Utah, approximately 200 miles
south-southwest of Salt Lake City. The Star Range hosts tilted and faulted,
early Paleozoic to middle Mesozoic carbonate and clastic sedimentary
rocks with Tertiary intrusive and extrusive rocks. Base metal and silver
and gold mineralization is associated with the Tertiary intrusive event
and includes vein-fissure type deposits, chimney-manto replacements,
skarns and silicified breccia veins and pipes. The Chopar project area
and the larger Star Mining District hold significant potential for economic
concentrations of skarn and sediment-hosted Au-Ag mineralization. The
presence of skarn mineralization in outcrop, in historic mines and in drill
core and chips is encouraging. The extent of zones affected by contact
metasomatism is potentially large enough to host orebodies of size and
grade of interest to junior and major mining concerns.
Southern Utah is a favorable jurisdiction for permitting and operating
mines. In particular, the Star Mining District lies near rail and roads with
access to national and international goods and products. The climate
is mild and amenable to any mining methodology. The normal activ-
ist communities associated with Colorado, Arizona and California are
substantially underrepresented. The operations of CS Mining, imme-
diately adjacent to the project area are proof that small scale, open
pit mining operations may be successfully permitted and operated in
Beaver County.
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